Meena Kumari’s stepson, Tajdar, responds to Sharmin’s comparison of her acting to the actress’ ‘nothingness’.

Tajdar, the stepson of Meena Kumari, responded to Sharmin Segal’s statement about drawing inspiration from Meena Kumari’s portrayal of ‘nothingness’ in ‘Pakeezah’ for ‘Heeramandi’.

After Sharmin Segal’s performance in ‘Heeramandi’ received criticism from viewers, labeling it as ‘nothingness,’ the actress faced extensive trolling for her role in her uncle Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s debut web series. In response to the negativity, Segal expressed her preparedness and stated that she focused solely on the positive aspects. She mentioned drawing inspiration from Meena Kumari’s portrayal of ‘nothingness’ in ‘Pakeezah.’ Tajdar, the son of Kamal Amrohi, Meena Kumari’s husband, has now responded to Segal’s comments.

Tajdar Amrohi Comments on Similarities Between Heeramandi and Pakeezah

In a recent interview with Zoom, Tajdar Amrohi, the son of Kamal Amrohi and Mehmood, was questioned about Sharmin Segal’s assertion regarding incorporating references to Meena Kumari’s acting in ‘Pakeezah’ into her performance in ‘Heeramandi.’

When questioned about his viewing of ‘Heeramandi,’ Tajdar mentioned that he had only seen three episodes. Regarding any parallels between Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘Heeramandi’ and his father’s film ‘Pakeezah,’ starring Meena Kumari, Tajdar emphasized the vast difference between them. He emphasized that no comparison could be drawn as ‘Pakeezah’ is incomparable and irreplaceable, stating, “There’s a world of difference between ‘Heeramandi’ and ‘Pakeezah.’ They cannot be compared. ‘Pakeezah’ can never be recreated. Neither Meena Kumari nor Kamal Amrohi can ever be reincarnated.”

Tajdar Amrohi reflected on his encounter with Sanjay Leela Bhansali from 15 years ago. He hesitated to delve into the subject, noting Bhansali’s admiration for his father, Kamal Amrohi. Tajdar observed that Bhansali often attempts to emulate Amrohi’s style in various ways. Recalling the incident, Tajdar mentioned that Bhansali had visited Kamalistan Studio years ago, and as a sign of respect, he touched the ground where Kamal Amrohi used to sit. Tajdar underscored the diversity of perspectives, hinting at varying opinions on the matter.

“During one visit to Kamalistan Studio, he inquired about my father’s usual spot and path. As a gesture of deep respect, he even touched the ground where my father used to sit. This encounter took place 15 years ago, and since then, I haven’t had the chance to meet him again.”

Regarding Sharmin Segal’s claim that Meena Kumari’s ‘nothingness’ in ‘Pakeezah’ inspired her for ‘Heeramandi,’ Tajdar expressed his inability to connect with her statement, stating he doesn’t know Sharmin. He elaborated by suggesting that what might appear as ‘nothingness’ from Meena Kumari’s perspective might actually be laden with emotions, especially considering how she gazed at him with what might seem like ‘nothingness.’ Hence, Tajdar implied that there must have been deeper emotions behind Kumari’s seemingly vacant expression.

He remarked, “Meena Kumari perceived something within that apparent ‘nothingness.’ It wasn’t emptiness; it was me.” When questioned about Meena Kumari’s affection towards him, Tajdar affirmed that the esteemed actress cherished him as her son, and reciprocally, he held her in high regard as his mother.

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