A 10-minute video featuring a ghee recipe gains viral traction with 28 million views, sparking division across the internet.

While numerous viewers responded positively to the 10-minute homemade ghee recipe video, some expressed dissatisfaction, stating that the recipe didn’t yield satisfactory results for them. For those who consider homemade ghee preparation to be a time-consuming task, there’s a viral video circulating on the internet that might catch your interest. This video claims that one can whip up ghee in just 10 minutes by following its instructions precisely. Indeed, it sounds unbelievable! While some viewers have reacted positively, labeling it as a clever solution to their “biggest problem,” others have reported unsuccessful attempts, stating that the recipe didn’t produce satisfactory …

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Karnataka Woman Shares Harrowing Tale of Gang Rape Amidst Interfaith Relationship.

Police arrested several men, including two minors, in Belagavi for engaging in moral policing. The individuals were apprehended for allegedly assaulting two cousins whom they mistakenly thought were an interfaith couple. This incident occurred on Saturday, January 6, just two days before another moral policing incident in Haveri, which is about 170 km away. As per the police, the victims, both in their 20s, were sitting at Fort Lake, engaged in conversation when a group of men, including minors, approached them. Wrongly assuming that the two were in an interfaith relationship, the gang allegedly forced them to a room near …

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Tragic Goa Incident: Postmortem Report Unveils Disturbing Details of Bengaluru CEO Suchana Seth’s Son’s Death.

Goa Murder Update: Dr. Kumar Naik, the post-mortem examiner, reveals that the child was murdered over 36 hours prior; Suchana Seth is now in police custody. Dr. Kumar Naik, responsible for the post-mortem, disclosed that the four-year-old son of Suchana Seth, CEO of The Mindful AI Lab in Bengaluru, was suffocated to death. Suchana Seth was apprehended in Chitradurga, Karnataka, on Monday night, accused of fatally harming her son at a service apartment in Goa during their vacation last week. Suchana Seth, aged 39, was arrested by Goa Police while traveling from Goa to Bengaluru with her son’s body found …

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Dawood Ibrahim’s Childhood Home in Maharashtra Set for Auction: A Glimpse into the Past for a Price.

Mumbai, Maharashtra: On January 5th, 2024, a piece of infamous history will go under the hammer as Dawood Ibrahim’s childhood home and three other agricultural properties owned by his family in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, are set to be auctioned. Dawood Ibrahim, a known terrorist, has a childhood home and three other family properties in Mumbake village, Maharashtra, which will be auctioned on Friday. These agricultural plots in Ratnagiri were seized by authorities under the Smugglers and Foreign Exchange Manipulators (Forfeiture of Property) Act. The total value of these plots is over ₹19 lakh. Previous attempts to sell them failed due to …

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A daily wage worker allegedly murders his wife, suspecting her character.

maharshtra pune muder case

This tragedy took place in Maharashtra, Pune : In a tragic incident, a 28-year-old daily wage worker, Lakhan Kamble, allegedly murdered his 25-year-old wife, Uma alias Pooja Lakhan Kambale, by brutally attacking her with an axe on Tuesday morning in Sambha Colony, Warje. The couple’s frequent heated arguments were fueled by Lakhan’s suspicions about Uma’s character. Lakhan, currently unemployed, engaged in a fatal altercation with Uma, resulting in her demise. Prompt police response led to Uma being rushed to Sassoon General Hospital, where she was pronounced dead on arrival. Lakhan was promptly arrested by the Warje-Malwadi police, who have filed …

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Decoding Genius: Remembering Srinivasa Ramanujan on National Mathematics Day 2023.

Srinivasa Ramanujan

Every year, on December 22nd, India celebrates National Mathematics Day, a special day to commemorate the birth anniversary of the legendary mathematician, Srinivasa Ramanujan. This self-taught prodigy, born in 1887 in Erode, Tamil Nadu, defied all odds to leave an indelible mark on the world of mathematics with his unique and groundbreaking work. From Humble Beginnings to Mathematical Brilliance: Ramanujan’s life was a testament to the power of human potential. Despite facing poverty and limited formal education, his innate love for numbers blossomed at a young age. He devoured mathematical books, independently deriving intricate formulas and theorems. At the age …

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From Paan Stall to Pink: Shubham Dubey’s Cricket Fairytale.

cricketer Shubham Dubey

Summary: Shubham Dubey’s journey from son of a paan stall owner to a Rs 5.8 crore pick by Rajasthan Royals in the IPL auction is a heartwarming tale of talent, dedication, and defying odds. Main Body: Humble Beginnings: Shubham Dubey’s story begins not in opulent cricket academies, but on the dusty streets of Nagpur, India. His father, a hardworking paan stall owner, provided for the family while young Shubham’s passion for cricket blossomed. Cricket wasn’t just a game; it was an escape, a dream nurtured between paan leaves and the clinking of coins. Talent Unbound: Despite limited resources, Shubham’s raw …

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“Kerala Addresses Rising Covid Cases and JN.1 Variant: ‘Don’t Panic,’ Urges State Officials”.

kerala covid cases

Introduction: Amidst a surge in Covid cases in Kerala, health authorities are monitoring the emergence of the JN.1 variant. State officials reassure the public, urging them not to panic while emphasizing proactive measures. Stay informed about the latest developments and precautions to safeguard your health. Content:

“Tragedy Strikes Nagpur: 9 Lives Lost in Factory Blast at Solar Explosive Company”

Nagpur factory blast

Introduction: In a devastating incident, Nagpur faced a grim tragedy as a factory operated by a solar explosive company was rocked by a powerful explosion, claiming the lives of nine individuals. The incident has sent shockwaves through the community, prompting an urgent investigation into the circumstances surrounding the blast. The Incident: The blast occurred at a factory in Nagpur, operated by a company specializing in solar explosives. The explosion resulted in the loss of nine lives, leaving the community in mourning. The incident raises concerns about the safety protocols within the factory and the potential impact on the surrounding areas. …

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“Unseasonable Warmth Across Multiple States: Decoding Winter Anomalies through Number Theory”.

As winter sets in across India (from December to February), temperatures usually drop. However, a recent analysis by HT reveals that this winter has been warmer than usual, especially in terms of minimum temperatures. The unusual warmth can be attributed to unexpected rain caused by Cyclone Michaung in early December. Additionally, the presence of a strong El Niño suggests that this warming trend is likely to persist. Here, we present four charts to help understand these weather patterns. Introduction: As winter traditionally takes hold, a surprising twist has unfolded across several states, where unseasonable warmth has defied expectations. In this …

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