Manoj Desai Expresses Frustration Over Booking Restrictions for Dunki and Salaar: “Every Clash Leaves Us Frustrated – Is This How Shah Rukh Khan Would Be Treated?”

Meta Description: In a recent outburst, Manoj Desai reveals his frustration over not being allowed to open full-fledged bookings for Dunki and Salaar, citing clashes as a major hurdle. The veteran expresses discontent and questions whether Shah Rukh Khan would face similar restrictions.

Intro: Manoj Desai, the renowned figure in the film industry, has voiced his discontent over the ongoing restrictions on opening full-fledged bookings for Dunki and Salaar. In a passionate statement, he highlights the challenges faced due to clashes and draws a parallel with Shah Rukh Khan’s potential treatment in a similar situation.

Subheading 1: Clash Woes: Desai’s Frustration Unleashed

Manoj Desai did not mince his words as he addressed the recurring issue of clashes affecting the smooth booking process for Dunki and Salaar. The veteran points out the challenges faced by his team, raising questions about the fairness of the situation.

Subheading 2: “Every Time, There’s a Clash, We Get F****d”

Desai’s frustration is palpable in his blunt statement, emphasizing the detrimental impact of clashes on their ability to open bookings. The explicit expression underscores the severity of the issue, shedding light on the obstacles hindering the films’ successful release.

Subheading 3: Drawing Parallels with Shah Rukh Khan

In a bold move, Manoj Desai draws a comparison between the treatment meted out to his films and what a Bollywood icon like Shah Rukh Khan might experience in a similar scenario. The rhetorical question challenges the fairness of the situation, adding a layer of intrigue to the ongoing narrative.

Conclusion: A Call for Fair Play in Film Bookings

As Manoj Desai continues to grapple with booking restrictions for Dunki and Salaar, his outspoken comments bring attention to the broader issue of clashes impacting film releases. The subtle reference to Shah Rukh Khan adds a thought-provoking dimension, prompting reflection on the equitable treatment of all films in the industry.

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