Rajnikanth asked me why I was not eating, arranged food so I could break my roza’: Shagufta Ali calls superstar ‘kind-hearted, humble’.

In a heartwarming display of empathy and kindness, South Indian superstar Rajinikanth made headlines for his thoughtful gesture towards veteran actress Shagufta Ali. During the holy month of Ramadan, Ali, who was observing the fast of Roza, found herself on the sets of a film with Rajinikanth. She later revealed that when the superstar noticed she wasn’t eating, he went out of his way to ensure she could break her fast comfortably.

Ali’s Touching Account

In a recent interview, Ali recounted the touching incident. She shared that while on the set, Rajinikanth inquired why she wasn’t eating anything. Upon learning that she was observing Roza, the superstar, with his characteristic humility, made arrangements for her to break her fast privately. He reportedly had food sent to her room, ensuring she could observe her religious practice with respect and comfort.

A Star with a Golden Heart

Ali’s words painted a beautiful picture of Rajinikanth, not just as a celebrated actor, but also as a kind and considerate human being. His thoughtful gesture resonated with fans and netizens alike, who lauded him for his respect for other religions and his genuine concern for the well-being of his colleagues.

Beyond the Silver Screen

This incident is not the first time Rajinikanth has won hearts with his acts of kindness. He is known for his generosity and philanthropy, often extending support to those in need. His humility and down-to-earth nature, despite his immense fame, have endeared him to millions across the globe.

A Message of Empathy and Respect

Rajinikanth’s gesture towards Ali serves as a beautiful reminder of the importance of empathy and respect in our interactions with others. It transcends religious and cultural boundaries, showcasing the power of simple acts of kindness to make a lasting impact.

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