“Delhi: Light Rain and Thunderstorms Expected, Max Temp at 44°C”

Delhi, amidst a prolonged heatwave, is anticipated to experience a welcome respite as meteorologists forecast light rain and thunderstorms on Friday. According to the India Meteorological Department (IMD), the maximum temperature is expected to hover around 44 degrees Celsius. As of 8:30 am, humidity levels were recorded at 38 percent, while the minimum temperature settled at 29 degrees Celsius.

The IMD’s projections paint a picture of a potentially dramatic shift in weather patterns, with the afternoon likely to bring about a change in the city’s skyline as clouds gather. Alongside these cloud formations, there’s a significant chance of thunderstorms, dust storms, and even the possibility of very light rain or drizzle. These weather phenomena may be accompanied by gusty winds, with speeds ranging between 25 to 35 kilometers per hour.

For Delhi’s residents, this forecast offers a glimmer of hope amid the sweltering conditions that have persisted for days. The prospect of rain and thunderstorms not only hints at cooler temperatures but also raises expectations for a temporary reprieve from the oppressive heat. As the city braces itself for potential weather disruptions, there’s a collective anticipation for the arrival of these long-awaited showers to quench the parched earth and provide relief to its inhabitants.

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