Vijay Varma Reacts to Mumbai Hoarding Collapse, Soni Razdan Criticizes BMC for Discovering Illegal Billboards Only After a Disaster.

Vijay Varma, Mini Mathur, and actor Soni Razdan have responded to the hoarding collapse in Mumbai’s Ghatkopar area on Monday.

Actors Vijay Varma, Mini Mathur, and Soni Razdan have shared their reactions on Instagram following the tragic incident of a hoarding collapse in Mumbai’s Ghatkopar area on Monday. Amid heavy rain and thunderstorms, several people were killed and injured. Soni Razdan questioned the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) after it issued a statement stating that the billboard was constructed without their permission.

Celebrities Respond to Mumbai Hoarding Collapse

Commenting on journalist Faye D’Souza’s Instagram post updating about the hoarding collapse, Soni Razdan expressed, “Terrible.” She further questioned the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation’s (BMC) actions, stating, “But why do they only discover this illegal hoarding AFTER it’s killed people? Isn’t the @my_bmc therefore liable for prosecution in this case then? For not doing their due diligence before such a disaster takes place?”

Outrage Over Mumbai Hoarding Collapse

Actor and TV host Roshan Abbas commented, “Who did the hoarding belong to? Who is the owner? It is very easy to determine this.”

Actor Vijay Varma shared a video of the accident on Instagram Stories, expressing, “Oh no.”

Actor Mini Mathur took to Instagram Stories, lamenting, “Life in our country has zero value. Whose hoarding is it? Who allowed it to stand there for years? The blame game this week will lead to no answers, and the corrupt nexus that allowed the open flouting of rules will never be taken apart. Disgusting.”

Fourteen people lost their lives, and 74 others were injured when a towering advertising hoarding collapsed near a petrol pump in Mumbai. The incident took place around 4:30 pm near Chheda Nagar Gymkhana in the Ghatkopar area. The collapse occurred during a sudden change in weather, accompanied by a dust storm and heavy rain.

More than 100 people were initially trapped when the 100-foot-tall illegal billboard fell on the petrol pump, leading to a large-scale search and rescue operation. BMC Commissioner Bhushan Gagrani reported that an NDRF (National Disaster Response Force) team had joined the rescue efforts.

In a statement on Monday evening, the BMC mentioned that 20 to 30 individuals were still trapped under the rubble from the hoarding collapse. However, the NDRF encountered difficulties in clearing the debris due to the collapse occurring at a petrol pump, which posed a potential hazardous situation.

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