Sonia Gandhi’s initial response to the 2024 exit poll results was simply, “Let’s wait and observe.”

Sonia Gandhi expressed optimism, stating that the Congress is confident the Lok Sabha election results of 2024 will differ significantly from what the exit polls indicate.

On Monday, Sonia Gandhi responded to the exit poll results by expressing the Congress’s strong hope that the outcome of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections will completely contradict the predictions made by the pollsters.

“When asked about her expectations from the election results scheduled to be announced on Tuesday, June 4, Sonia Gandhi told news agency PTI, ‘We have to wait, just wait and see.'”

Sonia Gandhi, the former Congress president, expressed optimism, stating, “We are very hopeful that our results are completely opposite to what the exit polls are showing.” The majority of exit polls have forecasted that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will secure a third consecutive term, with the Bharatiya Janata Party-led NDA expected to achieve a substantial victory in the Lok Sabha elections. Many projections suggest the NDA could garner over 350 seats, with some even surpassing 400 seats, well above the 272-seat majority threshold required to form the government.

The Congress and other parties in the INDIA bloc have dismissed the exit polls, denouncing them as “fantasy” and asserting that the opposition alliance will emerge victorious to form the next government.

Rahul Gandhi, on Sunday, criticized the exit polls, dubbing them as “Modi media polls.” He emphasized that these projections were not genuine exit polls but rather a reflection of Prime Minister Modi’s influence, calling them “his fantasy poll.”

Drawing a comparison to a popular song by late Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala, Rahul Gandhi confidently stated that the INDIA bloc would secure 295 seats in the Lok Sabha polls, ensuring their path to forming the government.

Earlier, at an event commemorating the 100th birth anniversary of Karunanidhi, Sonia Gandhi expressed her pleasure in being present alongside her colleagues from the DMK on such an auspicious occasion.

“I had the good fortune of meeting him on many occasions, listening to what he had to say, and benefiting from his words of wisdom and advice. I feel fortunate to have met him,” she expressed, extending her best wishes to all those present on the occasion.

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