Manmohan Singh criticizes Narendra Modi: ‘No previous Prime Minister has used such hateful language.’

Manmohan Singh condemns PM Modi, stating, “No previous Prime Minister has ever expressed such hateful language.”

Manmohan Singh criticizes PM Modi, asserting, “No past Prime Minister has spoken such hateful words.”

In response to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s accusations regarding the alleged statement on Muslims having the first right to wealth during the Manmohan Singh-led government, the former PM penned a three-page letter. In it, Singh asserted that Modi is the first Prime Minister to diminish the dignity of the PM’s office.

Singh refuted Modi’s claim, stating that he had never differentiated between communities. Addressing the citizens before the final phase of the Lok Sabha elections, Singh criticized Modi for engaging in divisive hate speeches, unprecedented in the history of Prime Ministers. He emphasized that no previous PM had resorted to such low-level language to target specific sections or the opposition. Singh highlighted his consistent stance of not distinguishing between communities, attributing such divisive tactics to the BJP.

Appealing to Punjab voters ahead of the June 1 voting, Singh urged them to prioritize development and collective progress. He asserted that only the Congress party can ensure development and uphold a societal order where constitutional provisions reign supreme.

Commenting on the economic situation, Singh criticized the BJP’s handling of the economy, reflecting his expertise in economics.

“In the past decade, significant turbulence has shaken the country’s economy. From the disruptive effects of demonetization to the mishandling of GST and the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, the nation has faced severe hardships. The once standard 6-7 percent GDP growth has now become subpar. Under the BJP government, annual GDP growth has plummeted to below 6 percent, contrasting sharply with the approximately 8 percent growth during the Congress-UPA era,” Singh remarked.

He continued, “While the Congress-UPA administration, despite obstacles, consistently bolstered the purchasing power of our citizens, the BJP government’s mismanagement has driven household savings to a historic low spanning 47 years.”

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