“Sadhguru’s Health Update: Surgeon Confirms Recovery to Normalcy Following Critical Brain Surgery”

“Spiritual Leader Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev Recovers from Critical Skull Bleed, Garnering Global Support from Prime Minister, Celebrities, and Followers”

“Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev’s Health Update: The spiritual leader is now recovering satisfactorily and has returned to his usual state after experiencing a ‘life-threatening’ skull bleed, as stated by his attending doctors. The senior consultant neurologist, who led the medical team treating him, described the situation as critical, but remarked on Sadhguru’s remarkable progress, surpassing expectations. His vital signs and brain functions are reported to be normal. Despite enduring severe headaches for the past four weeks, Sadhguru continued his regular routine, including social engagements, and even presided over the Maha Shivaratri function on March 8.”

On March 15, Sadhguru’s headaches escalated, prompting him to seek medical attention. Following a brain MRI, it was revealed that he was experiencing significant bleeding within the skull. Subsequently, on March 17, surgery was performed to address the bleeding, after which Sadhguru was successfully taken off the ventilator. According to a statement from Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, his condition has been steadily improving, with his vital signs showing enhancement. Sadhguru also shared a video from his hospital bed on Instagram, humorously recounting the surgical procedure and expressing gratitude that no damage was found in his brain.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached out to Sadhguru, conveying his wishes for a speedy recovery. In response, Sadhguru expressed his gratitude for the prime minister’s concern, stating that he was deeply touched by the gesture.

“In esteemed Pradhan Mantri ji’s regard, I shouldn’t burden you with concerns as you oversee the nation. Yet, deeply moved by your caring sentiments. Grateful for your concern as I journey toward recovery. Dhanyavad,” responded the spiritual leader.

Numerous celebrities expressed their well wishes for Sadhguru’s swift recovery across various social media platforms.

The 66-year-old spiritual leader, renowned as the founder of the Isha Foundation, has spearheaded impactful campaigns such as ‘Save Soil’ and ‘Rally for Rivers’ dedicated to environmental conservation.

According to statements provided, medical assessments revealed evidence of both chronic bleeding spanning three to four weeks and fresh bleeding occurring within a 24 to 48-hour timeframe.

Despite medical advisories for immediate hospitalization and adjustments to his medication schedule, Sadhguru prioritized fulfilling his commitments, including important meetings and events scheduled for March 15 and 16, with the aid of pain management.

However, on March 17, a deterioration in his consciousness level and weakness in his left leg prompted his admission to a medical facility under the supervision of Suri.

Subsequent CT scans unveiled a significant increase in brain swelling, leading to the decision for emergency surgical intervention. Consequently, Sadhguru underwent urgent brain surgery on March 17 to address the bleeding within the skull.



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