“In Bengaluru, a food delivery worker requested to use the washroom, then grabbed a woman’s hand. She defended herself by hitting him with a pan.”

In Bengaluru, a 30-year-old techie, identified as Anita (name changed), experienced a distressing incident involving a food delivery person at her home in AECS Layout near Brookefield. After ordering dosa from a nearby restaurant, the delivery arrived at her doorstep around 6:45 pm. Anita offered the delivery boy a glass of water as a gesture of hospitality, which he accepted before leaving.

Shortly after, the delivery boy, described as being in his 20s, returned and asked Anita if he could urgently use her washroom. Anita, considering it a reasonable request, directed him to the washroom. However, upon exiting, the boy requested another glass of water and followed Anita to the kitchen, where he made incomprehensible remarks and proceeded to grab her hand.

Alarmed and feeling threatened, Anita demanded an explanation for his behavior and attempted to free herself from his grip. When he persisted, she defended herself by grabbing a nearby pan and striking him on the back. The delivery boy fled the scene, with Anita pursuing him to the lift, but he managed to escape via the stairs.

Anita promptly reported the incident to the HAL police, providing details such as the appearance of the delivery person and his mode of communication—speaking in Hindi and broken English. Subsequently, the residents of her four-storey building collectively decided to prohibit food delivery executives from entering the premises, mandating parcel collection at the gate.

Law enforcement officials revealed that CCTV cameras in the apartment complex captured footage of the culprit, identified as Akash B. Initially, the food delivery company withheld the delivery man’s contact information, but upon police intervention, they disclosed his phone number.

Anita’s hope is for the police to take decisive action against the perpetrator.

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