Rashami Desai strongly criticizes Ranveer Singh’s new viral ad, saying, “I think it’s like a slap.”

The actress wrote, “Maybe I’m overreacting, but we share our culture and love with our audience.”

Bollywood star Ranveer Singh and adult film actor Johnny Sins recently appeared in an ad for a men’s health brand. The ad pokes fun at the dramatic style of Indian TV shows. Television actress Rashami Desai didn’t like the ad. In a long message, she said it felt like a “slap.” She started by talking about her journey from regional films to TV. She said TV isn’t small because many people watch news, cricket, and Bollywood movies on it.

Desai felt the ad insulted the TV industry and its people. She said actors on TV also want to work in movies but often feel belittled. She mentioned that such things usually happen in movies, not on TV shows. Desai expressed her hurt feelings because she’s had a respectful journey in TV. She hoped people would understand her emotions.

Read Rashami Desai’s post here:


Other celebrities showed their support for the ad. Priyanka Chopra left a skull and palms up emoji in the comments. Bollywood actor Vijay Varma said, “Jethji helping Johnny wasn’t on my 2024 bingo card.” Arjun Kapoor commented, “Baba, you are bold and beautiful for doing this.”


While Rashami Desai criticized the ad for disrespecting the TV industry, other TV stars seemed to enjoy the humorous take on typical Indian TV shows depicted in the clip. Tina Datta, Rashami Desai’s co-star in the TV show Uttaran, wrote “Hahahahahahaa” on Ranveer’s post. Nakuul Mehta, a well-known name in the television industry, commented, “Acing my day job and how,” on Ranveer’s post. Another TV star, Ravi Dubey, used multiple LOL emojis in the comments. Kiku Sharda, known for starring in the TV comedy show The Kapil Sharma Show, commented, “Hahahahahaha this is insane.” TV star Karan Tacker, with LOL emojis, wrote, “What even.” Another TV star, Parth Samthaan, filled the comments section with LOL emojis.

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