Pune police arrest father of underage driver in fatal Porsche-bike crash.

The police have arrested two restaurant owners and a staff member for serving alcohol to the minor involved.

The Pune police apprehended the father of a teenager implicated in a deadly car crash on Tuesday morning. Additionally, they have detained two restaurant owners (license holders) and a staff member for serving alcohol to the minor.

On Tuesday morning, Pune police detained the father of the 17-year-old teenager involved in a fatal car accident that claimed two lives, from Maharashtra’s Sambhajinagar. As per a senior official, the boy’s father, a well-known builder, was subsequently transported to Pune and taken into custody.

Earlier this morning, Amitesh Kumar, Pune Police Commissioner, stated, “The father had been attempting to avoid arrest since the offense was registered against him. This morning, we detained him, and after he was brought to Pune, a formal arrest was made.” Additionally, Pralhad Bhutada, owner of Cosie, and Sandip Sangale, owner of Blak Club, were among those arrested. “We apprehended the license holders of two restaurants and another individual late last night, and they will be presented in court today,” added Amitesh Kumar.

The father of the minor involved is a well-known real estate developer in the city, owning a Porsche without a registration number. Apart from overseeing major projects, he also manages a renowned club and has constructed a luxury hotel.

This development follows the previous day’s booking of the teenager’s father and four others, including the proprietors and managers of Cosie and Blak Club, under relevant sections of the Motor Vehicles Act (MVA) and the Juvenile Justice Act (JJA) for “failing in their duty as guardians”.

Yerawada police arrested the father for permitting the minor to drive without a license, while restaurant owners and staff face charges for serving alcohol to a minor, as per officials.

The police have cited section 3 (which prohibits driving a motor vehicle in any public place without a valid driving license), section 5 (which holds the owner or person in charge of a motor vehicle responsible for ensuring that only those meeting the provisions of sections 3 or 4 drive the vehicle), and section 199A (which presumes that the use of the motor vehicle by the juvenile is with the consent of the guardian) of the Motor Vehicle Act 1988. Additionally, they have referred to section 75 (which outlines punishment if any person having control of a child assaults, abandons, abuses, or willfully neglects the child) and section 77 (which specifies punishment for the exploitation of a child employee) of the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2015.

The police took action upon discovering that the Porsche car, purchased by the father for his son in March of this year, had not been registered yet.

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