Pune VIDEO: Shopkeeper Brutally Attacked by Koyta Gang in Muhammadwadi

They can be observed looting the small shop as the shopkeeper calls out for assistance.

Days after it seemed that the Koyta Gang’s activities had decreased in Pune, the gang has reemerged in the city. A viral video circulating on the internet shows the gang attacking a shopkeeper in Muhammadwadi.

According to reports, the incident took place on May 5th at 8:44 pm. The video shows three masked individuals assaulting a pan shop owner and damaging items in the shop using koytas. They can be seen looting the small shop as the shopkeeper calls for help.

Public Warning from Ajit Pawar

This recent attack is one of the most significant in the city since Deputy Chief Minister and Pune Guardian Minister, Ajit Pawar, issued a public warning regarding the rising crime rates, expressing his determination to eliminate this criminal group from the city

The attack has sparked concern ahead of the Lok Sabha Polls in the city. Earlier in March, in Pune’s Khadakwasla area, a gang of 10-12 assailants armed with swords and machetes targeted three individuals on a bike. The terrifying incident, captured on CCTV cameras, has since been widely circulated on social media, causing shock and outrage. The video footage revealed a chilling sequence of events as the attackers, armed with weapons, lay in wait before ambushing the unsuspecting victims upon their arrival. The assault occurred on the road leading to Gorhe Budruk village, situated along Sihangad Road.

Who are the Koyta Gang?

This year has witnessed a surge in incidents involving miscreants, including minors, using koytas to terrorize and attack people. Koyta gangs are known to wield billhooks and instill fear, particularly in the outskirts of Pune. In response to such incidents, Pune Police have mandated that shopkeepers maintain records of individuals purchasing koytas, including their Aadhaar card details.

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