‘New Details Revealed in Porsche Crash Case: Teen’s Father Called Pune Doctor 14 Times Prior to Blood Test’

In the ongoing investigation of the Pune Porsche accident, it has been revealed that Dr. Ajay Taware, head of the forensic medicine department at Sassoon Hospital, and builder Vishal Agarwal exchanged communication extensively. According to reports, they engaged in 14 conversations via WhatsApp, Facetime, and regular phone calls.

Police suspect that these discussions revolved around the potential alteration of blood samples, particularly during the sample collection phase for testing. This suspicion arises as the calls coincided with the period when samples were being obtained.

Dr. Taware, along with the hospital’s chief medical officer, Dr. Shrihari Halnor, and staff member Atul Ghatkamble, has been apprehended. They face allegations of disposing of the minor’s blood samples, which were taken post-accident on May 19. The accusation suggests they replaced these samples with those from another individual, devoid of any alcohol traces.

The tragic incident involved a speeding Porsche allegedly driven by a 17-year-old, resulting in the fatal collision with a motorcycle carrying two IT professionals. The blood report from the accident scene is crucial evidence, as authorities claim the teenager had visited two pubs prior to the incident.

Reports indicate that the initial call between Dr. Taware and Agarwal occurred around 8:45 am, followed by a series of 14 calls until 11 am, spanning various communication platforms.

Dr. Ajay Taware’s Residence Under Investigation

During a search conducted by the Pune police at Dr. Ajay Taware’s residence, officials recovered documents related to previous cases where Dr. Taware is under scrutiny.

Sources suggest that the police are attempting to ascertain the extent of any promised or given financial benefits to Dr. Taware by the Agarwal family.

Allegations have surfaced from Sassoon Hospital staff members claiming that Dr. Taware instructed employees to bring alcohol to the hospital. A three-member committee, investigating the alleged manipulation of the juvenile driver’s blood samples, visited Sassoon General Hospital on Tuesday. They also met with police officials involved in the case.

Reports indicate that the committee members visited the casualty department and gained insight into the blood sample collection process, preservation, and dispatch to the forensic science laboratory.

In related legal developments, Judicial Magistrate First Class A A Pande remanded Vishal Agarwal into police custody until May 31. Vishal Agarwal, along with his father Surendra Agarwal, faces accusations of pressuring the family’s driver to take responsibility for the accident to shield the minor involved.

Surendra Agarwal, the minor’s grandfather, was previously arrested in connection with this case for allegedly kidnapping the driver and holding him in illegal confinement. Magistrate Pande extended his police custody until May 31. Vishal Agarwal, aged 50, was previously arrested under the Juvenile Justice Act for allegedly endangering the minor by providing him with a car.

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