Neru: A Courtroom Drama That Almost Delivers Catharsis.

Jeethu Joseph’s latest courtroom drama, Neru, starring the legendary Mohanlal, has audiences buzzing with its gripping portrayal of a rape trial. While the film falls just short of achieving a truly cathartic high, it’s a compelling watch that navigates the complexities of the legal system and the emotional trauma of sexual assault.

Storyline and Setting:

Neru takes us inside the courtroom where Sara (Anaswara Rajan), a blind aspiring musician, accuses the powerful Michael (Saiju Kurup) of rape. Public prosecutor Vijayamohan (Mohanlal) spearheads the case, facing off against defense lawyer Priya (Priyamani). As the trial unfolds, we witness the harrowing details of Sara’s assault, the victim-shaming tactics employed by the defense, and the relentless pursuit of justice by Vijayamohan.

Mohanlal Shines in a Restrained Performance:

Mohanlal delivers a nuanced and powerful performance as Vijayamohan. He’s not the flamboyant hero we’ve seen in some of his previous courtroom dramas. Instead, he plays a more subdued role, relying on his sharp intellect and quiet determination to dismantle the defense’s arguments.

Anaswara Rajan Holds Her Own:

Anaswara Rajan is equally impressive as Sara. She portrays the character’s emotional turmoil and resilience with depth and sensitivity. Her vulnerability during the courtroom scenes is particularly heartbreaking, and she commands the screen with her presence.

Gripping Courtroom Sequences:

The film’s courtroom scenes are its strongest aspect. The tension is palpable as Vijayamohan meticulously unravels the lies and inconsistencies in Michael’s story. The film doesn’t shy away from the harsh realities of the legal system and the emotional toll it takes on victims.

Falling Short of Catharsis:

While Neru excels in building suspense and emotional engagement, it ultimately falls short of delivering a truly cathartic experience. The climax, while satisfying, feels slightly rushed and could have benefited from a more nuanced resolution. The film also touches upon societal issues surrounding victim blaming and rape culture, but these themes could have been explored further for a more impactful conclusion.


Neru is a well-made courtroom drama with strong performances and gripping legal battles. Mohanlal and Anaswara Rajan deliver outstanding performances, and the film sheds light on the challenges faced by rape victims in the legal system. While it doesn’t quite reach the emotional heights it aims for, Neru is a compelling watch that will stay with you long after the credits roll.

Meta Description: Jeethu Joseph and Mohanlal’s latest courtroom drama, Neru, delivers a gripping portrayal of a rape trial with stellar performances, but falls short of achieving a truly cathartic high. Read the full review to see if this film is worth your watch.

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