“Mumbai Police Detain Another Suspect in Salman Khan House Firing Case”

“In a significant update regarding the investigation into the shooting incident at Salman Khan’s Bandra residence on April 14, the Mumbai Crime Branch has apprehended Sonu Gupta, the sibling of the prime suspect Vicky Gupta, as announced by Mumbai police on Friday. The investigation is currently ongoing.”

During the investigation, it was revealed that Sagar Pal, one of the suspects in the Galaxy Apartment shooting incident, was drawn to the allure of the gangster lifestyle and aimed to emulate it. Subsequently, he connected with the Lawrence Bishnoi gang and was assigned the task of firing outside Salman Khan’s residence in Bandra, Mumbai. The accused were assured of substantial compensation for the job, as reported by Mumbai Police to ANI.

Preliminary investigations indicate that Vicky Gupta (24) and Sagar Pal (21) purportedly received a contract from the Lawrence Bishnoi gang to carry out the shooting, as per reports from news agency PTI.

The arrested individuals in the case, Vicky Gupta and Sagar Pal, confessed that the shooting outside Galaxy Apartment was intended to intimidate the superstar rather than to “cause harm or take his life,” as reported by PTI.

Additionally, the two suspects stated that the attack was meant as retaliation against Salman Khan due to his implication in the Blackbuck poaching case, according to the news agency.

The Mumbai Crime Branch plans to take Salman Khan’s statement as a witness in the Salman Khan house firing incident. According to sources cited by ANI, the Bollywood star voiced his frustration and apprehension regarding his family’s safety to Mumbai Police officials following the incident. Furthermore, he questioned the effectiveness of the extensive security measures outside his Bandra residence, noting that despite the heavy security presence, the perpetrators managed to conduct multiple reconnaissance missions and shootings.

Just before the shooting took place, the attackers parked a motorcycle around 100 meters away from Salman Khan’s residence at Galaxy Apartments in Bandra.

Furthermore, the Mumbai Police has filed a case against Anmol Bishnoi in connection with the Salman Khan house firing incident. The sibling of Lawrence Bishnoi has been charged with using threatening language on Facebook.

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