Modi criticizes INDIA bloc, alleging they are using the Army for political purposes.

The Prime Minister was speaking at his final campaign rally for the Lok Sabha elections in Hoshiarpur.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses a public meeting in Hoshiarpur | PTI

On Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi intensified his criticism of the INDIA bloc, accusing them of politicizing the Army, which he termed as the “biggest sin.” Addressing his final campaign rally for the Lok Sabha elections in Hoshiarpur, Modi attacked the opposition, particularly the Congress and the “INDI alliance,” alleging that they have consistently attempted to weaken the Indian armed forces.

The context of Modi’s attack was the opposition’s criticism of the Agnipath scheme, a recruitment initiative for the armed forces introduced by the Modi government. The Congress party has pledged to dismantle the Agnipath scheme if the INDIA bloc gains power.

Modi emphasized his commitment to modernizing the Indian defense forces, aiming to make them self-reliant and highly capable. He claimed that this modernization drive obstructs the “INDI alliance” from generating illicit wealth, which fuels their animosity towards him. He stated, “It is clear that we need to keep all things in mind to see with whom we fight… and we have to prepare our army accordingly.”

He further articulated that armies are not just for ceremonial purposes like Republic Day parades but are meant for combat, defeating enemies, and defending the nation. Modi accused the opposition of using the Army as a political tool, calling it an unforgivable sin. He warned the INDIA alliance not to underestimate him, hinting that he could expose their wrongdoings spanning seven generations if provoked.

Modi praised Punjab for its bravery and valor but criticized the INDIA bloc for dishonoring the courageous at every opportunity. He recalled the derogatory remarks made about the late Army Chief General Bipin Rawat, labeling him a ‘gali ka gunda,’ which Modi said was an insult not only to General Rawat but to every soldier in India.

The Prime Minister also targeted opposition leaders for demanding proof of surgical strikes and for their stance during the 1962 Indo-China war, where they purportedly exonerated China and insulted the Indian Army. Modi accused the Congress and the INDIA bloc of making relentless efforts to undermine the military.

Citing historical examples, Modi referred to various scams involving the Congress, including the Jeep scam, Bofors, submarine, and Army truck scams, arguing that they neglected the Army’s needs in favor of corruption. He criticized the Congress for stalling the Tejas fighter plane project and delaying the appointment of the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), hindering crucial reforms for Army modernization.

Modi also revisited the One Rank One Pension (OROP) issue, accusing the Congress of deceiving ex-servicemen for 40 years and failing to implement the policy, which his government eventually did.

In conclusion, Modi’s speech in Hoshiarpur was a scathing critique of the opposition, accusing them of compromising national security and using the Army for political gain, while positioning his government as committed to strengthening and modernizing India’s defense forces.

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