Masterchef Judge Kunal Kapur Granted Divorce Due to Wife’s Cruelty; Court Notes Lack of Respect and Empathy

The Delhi High Court’s recent decision to grant a divorce to Kunal Kapur, a renowned chef and judge on Masterchef India, sheds light on the complexities of marital relationships and legal proceedings surrounding allegations of cruelty.

The court’s ruling was based on Kapur’s appeal against an initial denial of divorce by a family court, citing his ex-wife’s behavior as cruel. Specifically, the court noted the lack of respect and empathy displayed by Kapur’s former spouse towards him.

Throughout the legal proceedings, accusations flew from both sides. Kapur accused his wife of disrespecting his parents and subjecting him to humiliation. In contrast, his wife alleged that Kapur had manipulated the court with false accusations and fabricated stories to secure a divorce.

The court, led by Justices Suresh Kumar Kait and Neena Bansal Krishna, scrutinized these allegations closely. They characterized the public accusations made by Kapur’s wife as reckless, slanderous, and unsubstantiated, constituting cruelty towards Kapur.

Despite acknowledging the inevitability of conflicts in marriages, the court underscored the importance of maintaining dignity and empathy towards one’s spouse. It emphasized that when disputes escalate to disrespect and disregard for a partner, the sanctity of the marriage is compromised.

Furthermore, the court highlighted Kapur’s achievements as a celebrity chef within a short span of two years of marriage. It deemed the allegations made by his wife as attempts to tarnish his reputation, constituting additional cruelty.


This verdict not only grants Kapur the divorce he sought but also sets a legal precedent for cases involving allegations of cruelty and disrespect between spouses. It serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining dignity and empathy in marital relationships, even in the face of disagreements and conflicts.

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