Kartik Aaryan doesn’t get a response from a woman in London; Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone are rated a perfect ten, while Alia Bhatt gets a mere four.

Women in London quickly identified Priyanka Chopra and expressed their admiration for her, stating that they adore her.

In India, celebrities like Kartik Aaryan and Ranveer Singh are cherished and celebrated, but their popularity seems to vary in the West. Despite being considered heartthrobs in India, Kartik received a zero rating from a group of women abroad. In contrast, Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra were regarded as perfect tens by these women, while Alia Bhatt failed to leave a strong impression, and Ranveer was described as “too hunky.”

In a viral video, a social media influencer was shown presenting pictures of Bollywood celebrities to women in London. When Kartik Aaryan’s picture was shown, one of the women rated him as zero, while the other two rated him as six. Next was Deepika, with two women giving her a perfect ten and another rating her an eight. Deepika’s husband, actor Ranveer, received ratings between three to five, with the women commenting that he was “too hunky.” Moving on to Alia, she received ratings of four and six from the women.

Upon seeing Priyanka’s picture, the women promptly identified her, and each of them rated her a 10, with one even adding an 11. When asked why they rated her so highly, they responded, “She’s incredibly beautiful. She’s Priyanka Chopra. I adore her.”

Fans and internet users had varied responses to the video. Some fans debated that a better picture of Alia should have been selected. One user commented, “Let’s set aside the debate about the pictures chosen; the fact that they recognized her name shows she’s a global star.” Another user expressed, “Alia Bhatt is undeniably beautiful, giving her a 4 seems unreasonable.”

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