Jaya Bachchan shares her thoughts on modern dating and playfully teases Shweta Bachchan, alongside Navya Nanda. Don’t miss out, watch it now!

In the upcoming episode of “What The Hell Navya 2”, the trio will discuss matters of the heart. Shweta Bachchan will reveal why she wouldn’t date someone like Navya Nanda.

Navya Nanda has revealed a sneak peek of the upcoming episode of “What The Hell Navya” season 2, showcasing herself alongside her grandmother, Jaya Bachchan, and her mother, Shweta Bachchan. Sharing a teaser on Instagram, Navya gave fans a glimpse of what to expect in episode two of the talk show. Tune in on Thursday at 7 pm for the full episode.

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In the clip, Navya initiates a conversation about love with Jaya and Shweta. Navya starts by saying, “What a perfect day to discuss love.” Jaya responds with a sarcastic smile, while Shweta makes a face. Then, Shweta tells Navya, “I couldn’t date someone like you.” Surprised, Navya asks, “Why?” and her mother explains, “Because you have to be into all that Valentine’s Day stuff.” Jaya chimes in, “Very, very superficial.”

Jaya shares her perspective on ‘modern dating,’ stating, “I don’t dwell on it. It’s not my concern.” Shweta Bachchan then reminds her, “Mama, everything’s definition has changed.” The clip continues with Shweta adding, “I also believe having empathy is crucial.” This prompts laughter from Jaya and Navya, as Shweta asks, “What’s so funny?”

Jaya and Navya playfully mimic Shweta, sharing laughs together. When Shweta jokingly warns, “Expect crankiness,” Jaya nods in agreement and humorously responds, “Yes, ma’am,” while making a face. The video concludes with Shweta remarking, “I’m just going to stay quiet.”

Navya shares the video, captioning, “Love is in the air, along with some chaos in Episode 2 of What The Hell Navya Season 2! Join Navya, her Nani, and Mom as they spill the tea on love – the good, the bad, and the downright hilarious. Episode 2 premieres tomorrow at 7 PM IST on @navyananda’s YouTube Channel. Link in bio.”

Navya is the daughter of Shweta and Nikhil Nanda, who serves as the chairman and managing director of Escorts Limited. Nikhil is the maternal grandson of actor-director Raj Kapoor and the paternal grandson of industrialist Har Prasad Nanda. Together, Nikhil and Shweta have two children: Navya and Agastya Nanda.

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