Is a surprising divorce unfolding in Bollywood? An actress has decided to drop her surname.

Rumors of their split began circulating when fans noticed a notable change on Divya’s Instagram profile, where she removed the Kumar surname.

Recently, numerous celebrity couples have been making headlines with their divorces. Among them are Bollywood actress Divya Khossla Kumar and T-Series Managing Director Bhushan Kumar. There’s speculation that their marriage is facing difficulties. Rumors began circulating about their separation when fans noticed Divya’s Instagram profile underwent a significant change—she removed the Kumar surname.

Sharp-eyed internet users also observed that Divya Khossla Kumar has rebranded herself as Divya Khossla on Instagram and has ceased following T-Series. This action has piqued fans’ curiosity, leading to discussions online. One Reddit user shared screenshots and speculated whether the couple is heading for a divorce.

While there’s significant online chatter, it’s important to emphasize that without an official statement from either Divya or Bhushan Kumar regarding their marital status, any speculation remains unverified. The couple, who got married in 2005, has consistently kept their personal lives private. They have a son together. Until an official announcement is made, the status of their marriage remains uncertain.

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