Hyderabad woman’s ‘obsession and longing for closeness’ drive her to stalk and abduct TV anchor, reveals investigation.

The Disturbing Tale of Obsession: Woman’s Desperate Bid to Marry TV Anchor Leads to Stalking and Kidnapping

Introduction: In a shocking turn of events in Hyderabad, a 31-year-old businesswoman, Bhogireddy Trishna, has been arrested for allegedly stalking and abducting television music channel anchor Pranav Sistla. Trishna’s fixation on Pranav stemmed from encountering his photos on a matrimony website two years ago. What began as a seemingly harmless interest soon spiraled into a harrowing ordeal for the anchor.

The Obsession Unfolds: Trishna’s obsession with Pranav deepened as she relentlessly pursued him despite his clear disinterest. After discovering Pranav’s contact information, she continued to send messages, undeterred even after he blocked her number. Determined to marry Pranav at any cost, Trishna’s fixation intensified, driving her to extreme measures.

The Plan Takes Shape: Fueled by her unwavering obsession, Trishna devised a sinister plan to abduct Pranav, believing this would somehow lead to marriage. She enlisted the help of four individuals to carry out her scheme. Additionally, Trishna installed a tracking device on Pranav’s car, enabling her to monitor his movements and coordinate the abduction.

The Terrifying Abduction: On February 11, Trishna’s hired men executed the abduction, subjecting Pranav to physical assault at Trishna’s office. Facing threats to his life, Pranav reluctantly acquiesced to Trishna’s demands, agreeing to respond to her calls. Only then was he released by his captors. The traumatic experience left Pranav shaken and prompted him to seek help from the authorities.

Legal Ramifications and Arrest: Following his ordeal, Pranav filed a complaint with the Uppal police station, leading to the registration of a case under various sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), including kidnapping, wrongful restraint, and wrongful confinement. The police swiftly launched an investigation, apprehending Trishna and her accomplices. Assistant Commissioner of Police, Malkajgiri, K Purushotham Reddy, confirmed Trishna’s arrest and emphasized the utilization of technical evidence in the case.

Conclusion: The disturbing saga of Bhogireddy Trishna’s obsession serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of unchecked fixation and the lengths to which it can drive individuals. Trishna’s relentless pursuit of Pranav not only endangered his life but also resulted in legal consequences for herself and her accomplices. This incident underscores the importance of recognizing and addressing obsessive behaviors before they escalate into tragedy.

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Who are Pranav Sistla and Trisha Bogireddy?

Pranav Sistla is a Telugu anchor, who has hosted multiple events and programs. He has also worked as an actor, featuring in web series and shows. 

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