“Fatal Neglect: Intoxicated Man Found Dead in Cab with AC Running in Ghaziabad”

Kallu Dubey, a 36-year-old driver, was tragically found dead near a traffic signal in Prahlad Garhi, Ghaziabad. He had been sleeping inside his cab after turning on the AC. The police suspect that Dubey died because his car ran out of petrol, causing the AC to shut off automatically. Despite having a CNG option in his car, Dubey, who was reportedly intoxicated, did not wake up to switch over the fuel supply. His employer, Amlesh Pandey, grew concerned when Dubey did not respond to calls and knocks on the car window. Pandey eventually located him at a nearby liquor shop but was unable to rouse him. Dubey’s family and the police were contacted, and when authorities arrived, they found him unresponsive. He was rushed to a hospital but was declared dead upon arrival.

Nimish Patil, a senior police officer, indicated that Dubey may have been heavily intoxicated the previous night and suffocated inside his car after the AC stopped working. With all the windows closed, carbon monoxide likely accumulated, depriving him of oxygen. Dr. BP Tyagi, from Harsh Hospital, confirmed that Dubey’s death was likely due to carbon monoxide poisoning, explaining that once the AC turned off, carbon monoxide built up inside the car, causing a lack of oxygen to his heart and brain.

The police are investigating the incident further, reviewing CCTV footage to understand the sequence of events leading to Dubey’s tragic death. The exact cause will be determined pending the results of the autopsy.

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