“Bharti Singh’s Son ‘Gola’ Visits Her in Hospital, Bringing Joy”

Comedian Bharti Singh to undergo gallbladder surgery, emotional reunion with son Gola at hospital. Updates fans through Vlog. Son’s visit brings joy, emotional moments captured on video.

Comedian Bharti Singh was hospitalized due to severe stomach pain and is currently recovering at Kokilaben Hospital. She updated her fans about her health through her vlog, revealing that she had been in pain for the past three days. Initially, she thought it was a gastric issue, but after undergoing several tests, it was confirmed that she has a gallbladder stone, and she will soon undergo surgery.

In her latest vlog, Bharti Singh appeared ecstatic after reuniting with her son ‘Gola’. The video began with Bharti and her husband Haarsh engaging in a playful argument about him sleeping through the night while she was in pain. Haarsh jokingly defended himself, saying he was always by her side whenever she needed him, which is why she felt better. Bharti teased the nurse, saying that when she gets married, she should make sure not to marry someone like Haarsh.

Bharti Singh shared with her fans that she had received special permission from the hospital to have her son Gola visit her. In a heartwarming moment, Gola, along with Bharti’s sister, arrived at the hospital to meet her. Bharti was overjoyed to see her son and captured his joyful dancing on camera. Playfully, she teased her sister and niece, joking that they seemed more prepared for a wedding celebration than a hospital visit.

After updating her fans on her improving health, Bharti shared hugs and kisses with her son before he left. Later that night, Haarsh returned to stay with Bharti at the hospital, bringing chips and noodles. Despite Bharti not being allowed to eat them, they enjoyed a playful banter, much to the amusement of the nurse and everyone around.

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