Alia Bhatt Responds Strongly After Criticism for Filmfare Win, Netizen Comments, ‘She’s Reacting’

As Alia Bhatt faced ridicule over her Filmfare victory, she has now responded to criticism of being labeled undeserving with a poignant statement. Yet, she has once more been criticized for her reaction.

Alia Bhatt, a prominent figure in Bollywood, reigns supreme in the industry with her remarkable talent and stunning beauty. In 2023, she expanded her horizons by making her Hollywood debut in the film “Heart Of Stone”. Recently, she was honored with the National Award for Best Actress for her stellar performance in “Gangubai Kathiawadi”. Adding to her accolades, Alia was presented with the prestigious Filmfare Award for Best Actress for her role in “Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani” at the 69th Filmfare Awards on January 28, 2024.

Alia Bhatt faced criticism following her Filmfare win, with numerous netizens alleging that she had paid for the award due to being undeserving. Despite the backlash, the actress remained silent and chose not to respond to the accusations. However, on January 31, 2024, Alia turned to her Instagram stories to share a wise thought, seemingly addressing the trolls indirectly. Her message can be interpreted as:

“The highest meditation is to think of nothing. If you can remain one moment without thought, great power will come.”

After the post surfaced on Reddit, netizens inundated the comment section with their humorous reactions. Some suggested that Alia’s post was a direct response to her critics, while others speculated that she was provoked by the ongoing criticism. One user remarked, “If you can go a year without buying awards, perhaps better judgment will prevail.” Another wrote, “She’s definitely feeling the heat. She probably didn’t anticipate such widespread criticism of her performance in RRKPK. Typically, it’s just trolling, but this time, nearly everyone is questioning her worthiness of the award.”

Alia Bhatt was bashed for her elite accent while speaking at the Filmfare Awards 2024

Alia Bhatt faced criticism for her sophisticated accent while addressing the media at the Filmfare Awards 2024. In a brief interaction, she was questioned about her sentiments regarding her nomination for the Best Actress category. Alia expressed her appreciation for the sense of unity within the industry and the multitude of performances witnessed. However, when the video circulated on Reddit, numerous netizens scrutinized Alia’s manner of speaking and criticized her accent and unconventional expressions.

When Alia Bhatt talked about receiving online hatred?

During the HT Summit in October 2023, Alia Bhatt addressed the issue of facing online criticism. When questioned about dealing with daily trolling, Alia shared her approach, stating that she chooses to remain silent when faced with criticism from fans. She expressed that she has evolved into someone who refrains from complaining. Initially, Alia admitted to being impacted by the trolls and adopting a more defensive stance.

“I have lived my life in the public eye. So I have gone through different stages of scrutiny that maybe I have faced. Maybe initially I was a little more defensive. When you are younger, you are like, ‘Arre why are they saying this?’ But later on, I was a bit more dismissive; ‘Forget it, nobody cares’. But I think I have grown into a person who genuinely feels that I have nothing to complain about. And I don’t think that with the position and privilege that I have, it doesn’t look like to say that ‘Oh I don’t like that people are saying maybe not so nice things about me’.”

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