Aishwarya Sharma Throws Shade at Isha Malviya After Eviction from Bigg Boss 17: A Tale of Betrayal and Game Strategies.

The walls of the Bigg Boss 17 house witnessed a dramatic turn of events as Aishwarya Sharma was evicted, courtesy of the current captain, Isha Malviya. But the story takes a sharp turn outside the house, with Aishwarya throwing some serious shade at Isha in recent interviews.

Here’s a breakdown of the drama:

  • Eviction Surprise: Aishwarya’s elimination came as a shock to many, considering she was a relatively strong contender. Isha, given the power to evict one nominated housemate, chose Aishwarya, citing a lack of personal connection.
  • Foul Play? Aishwarya, however, paints a different picture. She accuses Isha of making a “biased and cowardly” decision based on personal disliking rather than actual rule-breaking. This has sparked speculations about whether Isha’s choice was strategically motivated to eliminate a potential threat.
  • Betrayal Bitterness: Aishwarya claims to have initially shared a good rapport with Isha, but feels betrayed by her sudden change of heart. She describes Isha as being easily influenced by other housemates, particularly Vicky and Ankita, and accuses her of becoming their “bootlicker.”
  • The Social Media Buzz: Fans of both contestants are actively engaged in the online debate, taking sides and fueling the controversy. Hashtags like #AishwaryaDeservedBetter and #IshaPlayedTheGame are trending, making this eviction one of the most talked-about moments of the season.

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