A woman in Bengaluru turns her apartment hunt into comedic brilliance using the ‘Man In Finance’ trend.

Neha gained viral attention on TikTok by creatively using the “Man In Finance” trend to humorously outline her apartment search criteria.

A Bengaluru resident named Neha has ingeniously utilized a popular TikTok trend to aid in her apartment search. Neha crafted a video incorporating the music from Megan Boni’s TikTok hit “Man In Finance,” originally detailing desired partner qualities, but adapted the lyrics to highlight her apartment preferences. These included features such as being furnished, having two rooms, and boasting a balcony.

The caption accompanying her video humorously stated, “In challenging times, creative solutions are a must. Here’s my twist on the trend.”

Watch the viral video here:

Neha’s inventive twist on the song lyrics has sparked considerable buzz on social media. Her video has amassed over 140,000 views and elicited a diverse range of reactions in the comment section.

“This is more challenging than finding ‘finance, trust fund, 6’5, blue eyes,'” remarked a user.

Another user wrote, “I might as well purchase one in Mysore. It’s nearly the same commute time as having one in Electronic City.”

One user remarked, “Bengaluru is like a constellation. You have to specify which part of the constellation you’re focusing on; prices vary accordingly.”

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