Vishal Pandey’s family is seeking action against Armaan Malik, insisting on a public apology from him.

Vishal Pandey, a contestant on ‘Bigg Boss OTT 3’, was physically assaulted by fellow contestant Armaan Malik following remarks about Kritika Malik. In response to the incident, Vishal’s parents and sister released a statement expressing their support for him.

Following Vishal Pandey being slapped by Armaan Malik on ‘Bigg Boss OTT3’ after his remarks about Kritika Malik, Vishal’s parents and sister issued a statement. Earlier, Vishal had openly expressed admiration for Kritika and during a conversation with Lovekesh Kataria, he whispered, “I am guilty of one thing here. Bhabhi (Kritika Malik) looks beautiful. I am speaking in a good way.” When his comments were brought up on ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’, he faced physical confrontation from Armaan.

Neha, Vishal’s sister, took to Instagram and voiced her support for the YouTuber. “I firmly believe my brother is innocent. His comment was not intended to humiliate anyone, nor did it harbor any inappropriate intentions. Unfortunately, Payal and Arman misunderstood his genuine compliment. As a family, we fully stand behind him. We have complete trust in his character, and we know that every woman feels safe around him. Vishal has our unwavering support,” the statement read.

Further, she demanded Armaan’s eviction from the show. “With his pure heart and intentions, it’s clear that Arman does not deserve to stay on the show. He owes my brother a public apology, and Big Boss should take strict action by removing him from the show (sic),” the note concluded.

“We urge Bigg Boss to remove the person who laid hands on our child from the house. We have nurtured him with love and never resorted to physical violence. Sending him to Bigg Boss, we never anticipated that someone would harm him,” they expressed in the video.

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