Vinesh Phogat Requests Return of Khel Ratna and Arjuna Award in Letter to PM Modi.

Introduction: In a surprising turn of events, renowned Indian wrestler Vinesh Phogat has decided to return the prestigious Khel Ratna and Arjuna Award conferred upon her earlier. The Olympic medalist expressed her intention to relinquish the honors in a heartfelt letter addressed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This decision comes as a shock to the sports community and fans alike, prompting questions about the reasons behind Phogat’s unprecedented move.


  1. Background of Vinesh Phogat’s Achievements: Vinesh Phogat, a celebrated wrestler hailing from the illustrious Phogat family, has been a standout performer in the Indian sports arena. Her notable accomplishments include a gold medal in the 2018 Commonwealth Games and a historic bronze medal at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. These achievements had earned her the Khel Ratna and Arjuna Award, which are considered the highest sporting honors in India.
  2. Phogat’s Letter to PM Modi: In her letter to Prime Minister Modi, Vinesh Phogat expressed gratitude for the recognition bestowed upon her but cited certain reasons for her decision to return the awards. The specifics of her grievances have not been disclosed, leaving the public curious about the circumstances that led to this unexpected development.
  3. Speculations and Reactions: The announcement has sparked widespread speculation within the sports fraternity and among fans. Social media platforms are abuzz with discussions about the potential reasons behind Phogat’s decision. Some are speculating about issues related to sports administration, while others are contemplating personal reasons that may have prompted this move. The sports community and fans eagerly await further clarification from Vinesh Phogat.
  4. Impact on Indian Wrestling: Vinesh Phogat’s decision to return the Khel Ratna and Arjuna Award has raised concerns about its potential impact on Indian wrestling. As a role model for aspiring athletes, Phogat’s actions may influence perceptions about the recognition and support provided to athletes in the country. This could potentially lead to a broader conversation about the challenges faced by athletes in India.
  5. Phogat’s Contribution to Indian Sports: Despite the current controversy, it is essential to recognize Vinesh Phogat’s immense contribution to Indian sports. Her dedication, hard work, and stellar performances have not only brought glory to the nation but have also inspired a new generation of athletes to pursue excellence in wrestling.
  6. Awaiting Clarification: As the nation awaits further clarification from Vinesh Phogat on the reasons behind her decision, the sports community hopes for a resolution that addresses any underlying issues. The incident emphasizes the need for open communication channels between athletes and sports authorities to foster a supportive environment for the growth of sports in India.


Vinesh Phogat’s decision to return the Khel Ratna and Arjuna Award has undoubtedly stirred the sports community and fans across the country. As the situation unfolds, it remains to be seen how this development will impact the broader discourse on sports recognition and support for athletes in India. As the nation awaits more information, the hope is for a resolution that ensures the continued growth and success of Indian sports.

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