Single screen owners refuse to open advances of Shah Rukh Khan’s Dunki for Friday.

Headline: Box Office Clash Brews: Single Screens Boycott Shah Rukh Khan’s Dunki Over ‘Unfair’ Deal

Subheading: Tensions simmer ahead of Dunki’s release as theatre owners in India refuse advance bookings, citing distributor’s inflexible demands for exclusive screens despite competing film.


  • Shah Rukh Khan’s much-anticipated Dunki faces an unexpected hurdle as single screen theatre owners across India refuse to open advance bookings for the film’s December 22nd release.
  • The issue stems from a clash with Prabhas’ action thriller Salaar, scheduled for the same day.
  • The distributor of Dunki, Pen Marudhar, reportedly demanded exclusive screening rights in single screens throughout the extended Christmas period, a move viewed as unfair by theatre owners.
  • Exhibitors argue that such a demand ignores audience interest in Salaar and limits their ability to cater to diverse preferences.
  • They also highlight the disparity in treatment compared to multiplexes, who are allowed to share screens between both films.
  • Despite their respect for Shah Rukh Khan and the potential of Dunki, single screen owners feel compelled to prioritize audience demand and resist the pressure for an exclusive run.
  • Some speculate that the boycott could force Pen Marudhar to reconsider their inflexible stance and negotiate a more balanced distribution of showtimes.

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