Salman Khan’s Fiery Confrontation with Munawar Faruqui Raises Questions About His Relationship with Ayesha; Faruqui Breaks Down.

Salman Khan got really upset with Munawar Faruqui and Ayesha Khan in the latest teaser for Bigg Boss 17. The channel released a preview of Saturday’s Weekend Ka Vaar, showing Salman, who hosts the show, questioning Munawar and Ayesha about their relationship and getting angry at both of them. In the teaser posted on X, Munawar and Ayesha were sitting together when Salman asked them, “Ayesha, why did you come on the show?”

Ayesha explained that she wanted a public apology from Munawar. “Sir, I wanted an apology,” she said, making Salman ask, “You wanted an apology on national television?” He added, “Couples have fights, but they don’t happen like this on national television.” Salman also pointed out Munawar’s difficulty in expressing himself on the show, saying, “You say a lot in your comedy acts, but here you can’t speak.”

Talking about their relationship, Salman remarked, “The way your relationship looks on screen, it doesn’t seem like (Ayesha and Munawar) were upset with each other.” This confrontation made Ayesha cry, and she broke down after talking with Salman, with Ankita Lokhande consoling her. When Munawar tried to calm the situation, Ayesha yelled at him, telling him to never show his face to her again.

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