Qatar lessens sentences for eight Indian nationals on death row.

In a new update, a court in Qatar has chosen to decrease the death penalties given to eight Indian nationals who were convicted last month in an alleged espionage case.

We have acknowledged today’s decision from the Qatar Court of Appeal regarding the Dahra Global case, where the sentences have been lessened. We await the detailed judgment. Our Ambassador to Qatar and other officials, along with family members, were present at the Court of Appeal. We have supported them from the start and will continue to provide all consular and legal aid. We’ll persist in addressing the matter with Qatari authorities,” stated India’s Ministry of External Affairs.

This decision comes after the Indian government’s appeal against the initial death sentences for these nationals was accepted. The Court of First Instance in Qatar recognized the appeal, resulting in a reconsideration of the sentences for the individuals. The Indian nationals were charged on March 25 and went through legal procedures as per Qatari law. We are awaiting a detailed judgment from the Qatar court regarding the case.



India is prioritizing its efforts to repatriate the eight nationals. During a recent press briefing, MEA spokesperson Arindam Bagchi emphasized India’s dedication to resolving the issue, affirming that the government is actively striving to bring its citizens back home as swiftly as possible.

“We’ve emphasized the significance of this issue and are actively pursuing ways to expedite the return of our people to India. That’s our primary focus,” he stated.

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