Police in Pune successfully apprehended a Karnataka gangster along with firearms.

Preventing Violence: Pune Police’s Successful Arrest

In a proactive move to prevent potential violence, Pune police have arrested gang leader Madivalyya Hiremath and seized firearms.

Arrest Details and Background

Madivalyya Hiremath, leader of the Dharmaraj Chadchan gang, was apprehended along with two accomplices, Somling Gurappa Darga and Prashant Gurusiddhappa Gogi. Hiremath, aged 35 and hailing from Vijapur, was residing in Undri Pisoli, while his accomplices were staying in Katraj. The police found three firearms and 25 live rounds in their possession, discovered in Hiremath’s car.

Foiled Murder Plot

Authorities revealed that Hiremath had been living in Pisoli for two months to avoid potential threats from rival gangs in Karnataka. Their investigation uncovered a plot to murder rival gang leader Magadev Sahukar of the Bhairagond gang.

Criminal Background and Gang Violence

Hiremath was the main suspect in the 2020 shootout involving Magadev Sahukar Bhairagond, which resulted in two deaths. The ongoing feud between the Chadchan and Bhairagond families in Vijayapura has led to a series of violent incidents, including murders, abductions, and gang wars. These conflicts are fueled by illegal activities such as sand mining and the sale of firearms, often with alleged political backing.NEWS9 - GANGSTER DHARMARAJ SUCCUMBS TO INJURIES Gangster Dharmaraj  Chadachana dies at Indi Taluk hospital. Dharmaraj chadachana suffered  bullet injuries on his chest and stomach. PSI Gopal Hallur had fired at  Dharmaraj

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