Maheep Kapoor talks about Sanjay Kapoor’s affair, says he’s stricter with daughter Shanaya: ‘What if a boy did what he did’

Maheep Kapoor reflects on the difficult decision to openly discuss her husband, actor Sanjay Kapoor’s, affair and explains why she chose to stay committed to their marriage.

In a 2022 episode of the Netflix series “Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives,” Maheep Kapoor openly discussed her husband, actor Sanjay Kapoor’s, infidelity early in their marriage. In a recent interview, Maheep revisited this difficult moment and shed light on her decision to remain committed to their marriage. She also discussed their parenting dynamic, revealing how Sanjay’s past experiences, where he dated multiple women, have influenced his approach to parenting.

Speaking about her decision to address Sanjay’s affair on the show, Maheep told Zoom, “I feel people just don’t want to step out of the box and try to understand that person’s perspective. Everyone makes mistakes, and that’s okay.”

Maheep’s friend and Chunky Panday’s wife, Bhavana Pandey, added, “It’s her choice, and it’s what she is comfortable with. Everyone has to do what works for them.” Emphasizing the importance of maintaining a supportive environment for their children, Maheep said, “You can have an opinion, but don’t be mean about it. The kids need to know that you and their father are there for them and that this is their safe zone.”

During the conversation, when asked who the stricter parent is between her and Sanjay, Maheep promptly pointed to Sanjay, attributing his strictness to his past dating experiences. She explained, “I think it’s Sanjay who feels that way. He has dated so many women, so he’s realized the mistakes he made… He gets anxious about his daughter. It’s the truth. He would get worked up about Shanaya. With my son, he was fine, but with Shanaya, I had to tell him to calm down. Then I realized he’s worried about what if some boy does what he did. He’s the stricter one, but now he’s a bit calmer with Shanaya.”

In 2022, Maheep opened up about Sanjay’s affair on “Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives.” Speaking to Seema Sajdeh, she revealed, “Now you know, Seema. Initially in my marriage, there was an indiscretion that Sanjay had or whatever. I left with Shanaya. I stood up for myself, but then, I had a newborn baby. As a woman and a mother, my first priority was my child. I wanted my daughter to have her amazing father, which he is. I owed it to myself. Looking back, if I had ended things, I would have regretted it my whole life. When my kids and my husband come home, this is their sanctuary. They need to feel peace. And Sanjay gives that to me too.”

Sanjay and Maheep got married in 1997. They welcomed their daughter, Shanaya, in 1999 and their son, Jahaan Kapoor, in 2005.

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