Leaving home for 5 years: NEET aspirant sends text to parents. goes missing.

The 19-year-old student, originally from Gangapur city, had been preparing for the NEET exam in Kota for the last three years. He had previously attempted the exam two years ago but was unsuccessful.

A 19-year-old student, who had been preparing for the NEET exam in Kota for the past three years, went missing on May 6 (Monday) after sending a distressing text message to his parents. In the message, he stated, “I do not want to study further and am leaving home for five years.” Concerned by the message, his family immediately informed the police on Wednesday after rushing to Kota.

The student, a resident of Gangapur city, had attempted the NEET exam two years ago but was unsuccessful. He was scheduled to appear for the NEET exam on May 5, and after speaking with his family, there seemed to be no cause for concern. However, the following day, his mobile phone was switched off from 12:30 onwards.

Deputy Superintendent of Police Yogesh Sharma stated that the student sent the text message to his parents on May 6, assuring them that he would not take any wrong steps and asking them not to worry. In the message, he also mentioned his intention to destroy his SIM card, sell his mobile phone, and avoid contact with anyone. He informed them that he had eight thousand rupees and would reach out to his family and relatives if necessary.

Sharma further explained that the police have obtained CCTV footage showing the student traveling, but they are uncertain about his exact location. He assured that the police are actively investigating the matter and will provide more information soon.

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