Katrina Kaif Stops Vicky Kaushal in London After Spotting Secret Filming.

Katrina Kaif appeared uncomfortable when someone tried to secretly record her and Vicky Kaushal during their London outing.

Despite Katrina Kaif’s team denying her pregnancy rumors, speculation about her expecting a baby with Vicky Kaushal persists. A new video on Reddit shows the couple in London, where Katrina seems to ask Vicky to turn around after noticing they are being filmed.

“I can feel the tension”

The video was posted on Reddit, and many users commented on Katrina’s reaction, noting she was dressed in a baggy black jumper. One user wrote, “Why did she go back after spotting the cameraperson?” Another commented, “She looks mad at the camera person for taking a video.”

Another person said, “I can feel the tension even on mute.” Someone else wrote, “She pulls back Vicky because she notices they are being filmed and is making him aware.” Another comment wondered, “I’m curious what she did to the cameraperson afterward. Did she request them not to post, and did they still post?” Another remarked, “People need to stop filming others sneakily.”

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