Kangana Ranaut expresses solidarity with Raveena Tandon a day after she faced criticism: “Deeply concerning.”

Kangana Ranaut, backing Raveena Tandon, emphasized that individuals responsible “should not escape accountability for such aggressive and toxic conduct.”

Kangana Ranaut offered her support to Raveena Tandon following an incident where Tandon was attacked on a Mumbai street. In her Instagram Stories on Monday, Kangana described the incident as “absolutely alarming”. She condemned the “road rage outbursts” and insisted that “those individuals must be held accountable.”Kangana Ranaut expressed her concern after the incident involving Raveena Tandon, stating, “The situation Raveena Tandon ji faced is deeply troubling; if there had been a few more individuals in the opposing group, she could have been subjected to lynching; we strongly denounce such instances of road rage; those responsible must face consequences. They should not be allowed to escape accountability for such violent and harmful behavior.”

According to a Mumbai Police official cited by news agency PTI, during their investigation, it was found that Raveena’s car did not collide with anyone. A video on a social media platform showed a man claiming that Raveena’s driver hit his mother, and when questioned, Raveena started assaulting her. The incident allegedly occurred while the man was walking with his mother, sister, and niece near the actor’s house.

The police mentioned that CCTV footage from the vicinity of the building where the incident occurred showed women in close proximity to the actor’s car but not being hit. The video depicted a group accusing Raveena and her driver of assaulting three women.

The incident involving Raveena Tandon occurred on Carter Road in Bandra on Saturday night, as stated by the police. Although no FIR has been filed, an entry has been recorded in the station diary at the Khar police station.

According to the account provided, after Raveena exited her vehicle to address the crowd, she was allegedly pushed and struck. In a video, a man claimed that the actor appeared to be intoxicated and began assaulting the woman after exiting the car.

Following the altercation, a group of individuals confronted Raveena and her driver within the premises of a building on Carter Road. This occurred after the driver had reversed the car, as mentioned by the official. The viral video depicts a woman alleging that Raveena and her driver assaulted her, resulting in bleeding from her nose.

Subsequently, both parties visited the Khar police station and submitted written statements indicating no grievances against each other, according to the official.

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