Ira Khan and Nupur Shikhare Get Matching Tattoos: “Bringing Home a Piece of the Island”

“I can’t believe it. I’ll be looking at it constantly,” Ira Khan remarked.

Ira Khan and Nupur Shikhare recently got married in Mumbai and celebrated their wedding in Udaipur, Rajasthan. They chose Bali for their honeymoon. They both got matching turtle tattoos, with Ira expressing excitement, “I can’t believe it. I’ll be looking at it constantly.” Nupur shared a video from his scuba diving adventure in the Gili Islands, where he saw a turtle, possibly inspiring his tattoo. He captioned it, “Had the most beautiful time diving here at Gili-T.” Ira commented affectionately, “Yes. Alright. Now let’s see what you posted,” and added, “I love you,” along with “turtle” and emojis.

Previously, Ira Khan shared a video snippet from her wedding day, expressing, “This is just a sneak peek, but both Ethereal and us couldn’t wait. We wished to celebrate amidst the mountains, surrounded by our loved ones. And we did. The scenery was breathtaking at the time, but little did we know we were tying the knot in Rivendell (Nupur Shikhare, now we have to watch the third Lord of the Rings). It’s challenging to articulate all the love and emotions of that day. Fortunately, we have this video instead.”

Ira Khan is the younger of Aamir Khan’s two children with his former wife Reena Dutta. Nupur Shikhare proposed to Ira during his participation in Ironman Italy, where they got engaged in September 2022.

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