Hina Khan has cut her hair short while undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer, causing her mother to become emotional.

Hina Khan recently shared about her diagnosis with breast cancer and is presently undergoing chemotherapy.

Despite facing significant challenges, Hina Khan is demonstrating immense strength in her fight against breast cancer. Recently, she shared a glimpse of her first chemotherapy session right after attending an award show. Now, she has bravely chosen to cut off her hair preemptively, as she prepares for the possibility of hair loss due to radiation.

In a new video, Hina expressed her determination, accompanied by her mother’s emotional support in the background. She wrote, “You can hear my mother’s wailing voice in Kashmiri (blessing me) in the background as she prepared herself to witness something she never dared to imagine. Not all of us have the same tools at our disposal to manage heartbreaking emotions.”

Addressing others facing similar challenges, especially women, she empathized with the difficulty of losing hair, often considered a personal crown. She emphasized the tough decisions required in battling such adversity, urging resilience and determination to prevail.

She further explained, “I am determined to win this battle. I’ve chosen to give myself every possible chance to succeed. I decided to part with my beautiful hair before it starts falling out, sparing myself weeks of mental anguish. So, I’ve let go of my crown because I now understand that my true crown is my COURAGE, my STRENGTH, and the self-love I possess.”

“And yes.. I’ve made the decision to use my own hair to create a nice wig for this phase. Hair will grow back, eyebrows will return, scars will fade, but my spirit must remain intact. I am documenting my story, my journey, to ensure that my efforts to accept myself reach everyone out there. If sharing my story can make even one day of this heartwarming yet painful experience better for someone, it’s worth it. And I couldn’t have faced this day as I hoped without the presence of the people who have vowed to support me through thick and thin.”

Have a look at the video:

In conclusion, she remarked, “To MY PEOPLE @rockyj1, MOM @heenaladjoshi, @manaanmeer, @sachinmakeupartist1, and a special thanks to @dwyessh_hairwizard for traveling from Santacruz after a busy day at his salon to make this experience as comfortable as possible. Dwyessh, I loved the haircut. Thank you and love you. May God alleviate our pain and grant us the strength to achieve victory. Please keep praying for me.”

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