Exclusive: Pavitra Punia Opens Up About Her Darkest Period Post-Bigg Boss, Battling Unemployment and Suicidal Thoughts.

Pavitra Punia: The most challenging time in my life came after my experience on Bigg Boss. I faced a period with no work, and it was during this phase that I grappled with thoughts of suicide.

Pavitra Punia, renowned for her powerful acting, has made a significant mark on viewers with her unforgettable roles and characters. Starting her career with reality shows, she has traversed a remarkable path in the entertainment industry, witnessing various highs and lows. In an exceptionally sincere and touching interview with ETimes TV, Pavitra Punia bared her soul like never before. From expressing her emotions about her father’s passing, to grappling with thoughts of suicide during her darkest times, Pavitra candidly shared her journey with complete honesty.

These days, I experience the same mix of excitement and nervousness that a newcomer feels.

It’s like starting anew for me. I sense that I’m embarking on a fresh journey, filled with excitement that accompanies me around the clock. Every scheduled meeting for a narration fills me with anticipation and positivity. I find myself contemplating my appearance, choosing the perfect outfit and heels. It brings back memories of past struggles, although looking back, I realize I’ve never truly experienced those struggles as opportunities came effortlessly. Everything seemed to fall into place seamlessly. But now, for the first time, I feel the excitement and nervousness of a newcomer. The uncertainty of whether things will work out or not is a sensation I haven’t encountered before. Yet, I remain hopeful and optimistic. Despite my years in the industry and the reputation I’ve built, I believe my journey of hard work and perseverance is just beginning.

Economic hardship amid the lockdown.

To be honest, I’ve never had to audition. I was directly invited for a look test. They mentioned that if they liked me, I could come in for the test. During the lockdown, I remember they didn’t reduce my pay, but they asked if they could defer one week’s payment because I was working on Baalveer at that time. They requested to hold onto my payment for one week. Considering the global crisis, I understand there might be financial challenges ahead because once this project ends, I won’t have any income, and I can’t access my savings until then. Some savings are meant to be kept aside and untouched because they’re assets. You can’t simply liquidate assets or use them for daily expenses. I couldn’t do anything about it, and I know those 7 days really disrupted my budget.

In 2020, my father was involved in an accident that resulted in paralysis affecting his lower body.

You know, the emergency and the lockdown period didn’t pose significant difficulties for me because, thankfully, I was managing. However, on December 27th, 2020, my father had an accident resulting in paralysis in his lower body. That became a much greater concern for me than the Covid situation. For me, the ability to help someone brings more pride than any financial constraints I may face.

The most challenging time in my life was when I was without work.

More than the lockdown, the most challenging period for me was after leaving Bigg Boss. It was a bleak time in my life when I didn’t have any work, and the money I earned from Bigg Boss was depleted while supporting my family. It’s not about being wealthy, but rather about shouldering responsibilities. For example, if I’m in the hospital, I wouldn’t rely on my mother’s credit or debit card. It’s a child’s duty. Similarly, when you’re with friends and you’re unwell, you wouldn’t expect them to cover your expenses, right? You understand what I mean. As an earning member, you want to support your parents in every possible way. That period, I believe, was my equivalent of a “Covid” moment, not during the actual Covid pandemic. I wasn’t struggling or juggling with anything during Covid; I was simply leading a very content life.

Pavitra Punia shares her thoughts on getting her lips augmented.

I’m not sure why there’s a stigma attached to enhancing one’s features, but I decided to augment my lips because I felt they were too small. Since getting them enhanced, I feel much more confident. (She displayed a photo with thinner lips and clarified that she hadn’t done anything to make her lips appear fuller).

I discovered myself teetering on the edge of depression, grappling with suicidal thoughts.

After exiting Bigg Boss on November 28th, my life took a dramatic turn when, on December 27th, my father was in an accident. The subsequent year and a half were extremely challenging, representing the darkest period of my life. I found myself on the verge of depression, battling thoughts of suicide. It was an incredibly tough time, and I’m convinced that the love of my family saved me. I remember feeling like it would only take a moment for me to take an irreversible step. I have 10 dogs of my own, not strays but bred dogs, and I would ponder, “What will become of them if I’m not here?” Like any mother, I believed that no one could care for my “children” better than me. So, despite the hardships, I felt it was my karmic duty to persevere and triumph. And eventually, I believe it paid off beautifully.

Pavitra Punia’s fame extends beyond reality shows; she’s also acknowledged for her consistent appearances on television.

Indeed, I was employed during that period, but it was inconsistent. As you know, Pavitra Punia is renowned for her appearances on reality shows, but she’s also well-regarded for her regular television roles. For an actor, being away from the camera for one and a half years isn’t a positive sign. It can feel like you’re fading into the background, doesn’t it? So, I hoped that collaborations might come my way, offering continuous work. During that time, my family supported me financially, but strangely, that didn’t bring me joy. I found myself in a situation where my family was assisting me right after I had exited Bigg Boss, a period that was supposed to be my peak. I kept questioning myself, pondering what I had done to end up in this situation. Even when I considered letting go of something, I lacked the courage to do so. So, as I mentioned earlier, I’ll always hold myself accountable. But life is progressing now.

I’ve consistently been heavily engaged in choosing my outfits for all of my shows.

Throughout all my shows, I’ve maintained a deep involvement in selecting my outfits. Every outfit you’ve seen me wear has been chosen by me, without any designer input. I personally curate the designs for my blouses and other garments, right down to selecting the fabric. Often, even the tailors simply agree with my choices. Let me share an example from my time on Nagmani: for one and a half years, every piece of jewelry I wore was custom-made. I’ve always admired Sia, a skilled jewelry maker in our television industry who also works in Bollywood. I would share my outfit ideas with her, and she would ensure that the jewelry perfectly complemented my vision.

Although I’ve established a reputation for myself, I believe I haven’t fully demonstrated my complete potential.

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