Even though she lost Amethi to Congress’s KL Sharma,Smriti Irani says ‘josh still high’

In the Amethi Lok Sabha seat, Kishori Lal Sharma, Congress’s last-minute candidate, received a total of 5,39,228 votes, while Smriti Irani garnered 3,72,032 votes.

On Tuesday, BJP leader and outgoing Amethi MP Smriti Irani admitted her loss to Congress’s Kishori Lal Sharma, stating that her enthusiasm remained strong. Despite her defeat, Irani, the Union Minister, maintained high spirits. She lost the Lok Sabha election to Sharma, a loyalist of the Congress party, by a margin exceeding 160,000 votes.

Taking to X (formerly known as Twitter), Smriti Irani said she will be forever grateful to people who supported her in victory and loss.

“Such is life… A decade of my life going from one village to another, building lives, nurturing hope & aspirations, working on infrastructure ― roads, naali, khadanja, bypass, medical college and more,” she posted.

“To those who stood by me through loss and victory, I am forever grateful. To those celebrating today, congratulations. And to those asking, ‘How’s the josh?’ I say- it’s still high, Sir,” Irani tweeted.

Kishori Lal Sharma, the last-minute candidate for Congress in Amethi, secured a total of 5,39,228 votes, while Smriti Irani, who unseated Rahul Gandhi from his family stronghold in the 2019 elections, managed to secure 3,72,032 votes.

Earlier in the day, Smriti Irani also congratulated KL Sharma for his remarkable victory and expressed her commitment to continue serving the people of Amethi.

“I congratulate those who emerged victorious. I will continue serving the people of Amethi. Today, I am grateful to PM Narendra Modi and CM Yogi Adityanath for completing the pending works of 30 years within just 5 years,” Irani remarked.

Meanwhile, KL Sharma credited his success to the Gandhi family and the support of the Opposition-led INDIA bloc.

“I received support from the Gandhi family and the INDIA bloc. I want to acknowledge the Gandhi family for this. Amethi is synonymous with the Gandhi legacy. Humility, not arrogance, resonates in Amethi. Priyanka Gandhi deserves all the credit for this remarkable outcome,” Sharma stated.

Even Priyanka Gandhi Vadra extended her congratulations to Sharma as he appeared set to secure victory in the Gandhi family stronghold, expressing her confidence from the outset that he would emerge triumphant.

“Kishori bhaiya, I never had any doubts, I was sure from the beginning that you would win. Hearty congratulations to you and my dear brothers and sisters of Amethi!” Priyanka Gandhi said in a post in Hindi on X

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