Delhi in a Foggy Quandary: Flights Grounded, Trains Delayed as Winter Chill Bites.

Dense fog descended upon Delhi on Thursday, December 28th, 2023, disrupting air and rail travel and causing inconvenience to thousands of passengers. The low visibility blanketed the city, shrouding landmarks and throwing transportation schedules into disarray.

Flights Grounded:

  • Indira Gandhi International Airport, one of India’s busiest, bore the brunt of the disruption. A staggering 134 flights, both domestic and international, faced delays, leaving passengers stranded in terminals and rescheduling anxieties running high.
  • The dense fog hampered visibility for pilots, forcing groundings and diversions. The impact was felt across airlines, with departures and arrivals affected equally.

Trains Running Late:

  • The railway network wasn’t spared either. Visibility issues along tracks led to delays for 22 trains arriving at New Delhi Railway Station. The iconic Howrah New Delhi Rajdhani and Jammu Tawi Rajdhani were among the trains running over an hour behind schedule.
  • Frustrated passengers huddled in waiting areas, battling the bitter cold and uncertainty surrounding their travel plans. The Indian Railways deployed additional staff to assist passengers and provide updates on delays.

Cold Wave Worsens the Situation:

  • The dense fog arrived alongside a biting cold wave, with temperatures dipping as low as 7.8 degrees Celsius. The combination of poor visibility and the winter chill added to the discomfort of stranded passengers.

Authorities Issue Warnings:

  • The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) had issued a dense fog alert for Delhi on Wednesday, anticipating the disruption. They advised travelers to check flight and train schedules before heading to the airport or railway station.

Looking Ahead:

  • While the fog is expected to clear by Friday morning, the incident highlights the challenges posed by Delhi’s winter weather. Improved infrastructure and fog dispersal systems could potentially mitigate future disruptions and ensure smoother travel during foggy periods.

Stay Informed:

  • Travelers planning to fly or travel by train to Delhi in the coming days are advised to stay updated on weather conditions and check flight and train schedules before their journey.

By being prepared and informed, we can navigate the challenges of Delhi’s foggy winters and ensure a smoother travel experience for all.

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