BREAKING NEWS: US Air Strikes Smash 85+ Iran-Linked Targets in Syria and Iraq.

US President Joe Biden declared, “Our reaction started today. It will proceed at times and places we choose,” in a statement.

The US military attacked Iranian forces and groups supported by Tehran in Iraq and Syria on Friday. This came after a drone attack killed three American soldiers in Jordan.

The US held Iran-backed forces responsible for the drone attack but didn’t strike Iran directly in response. Washington aimed to prevent future attacks without starting a full-scale war with Tehran, which both sides want to avoid.

US President Joe Biden said, “Our reaction started today. It will keep going where and when we decide.”

The United States doesn’t want to start fights in the Middle East or anywhere else. But if anyone hurts Americans, they’ll hit back. The airstrikes went after the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Quds Force and related militia groups. They hit more than 85 spots using lots of planes, including bombers from the US. They used over 125 precise bombs. Targets included command centers, weapon storage, and places linked to attacks on US and coalition forces. The strikes lasted about 30 minutes, with B-1 bombers flying in from the US.

He mentioned the Defense Department is still checking the damage from the strikes. They hit many targets across seven places. The US thinks the strikes went well and hinted that more might come.

Iraq criticized the action, saying it breaks their sovereignty. Kirby said the US told Iraq before the strikes but didn’t say how Iraq reacted.

Earlier on Friday, Biden, who promised to retaliate for the drone attack in Jordan, went to a military event in Delaware for the three soldiers who died.

The secretary of defense, Lloyd Austin, and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General CQ Brown, also attended what is known as a “dignified transfer.” Their presence showed how important it is to bring back fallen soldiers, especially after the US left Afghanistan in 2021.

The three soldiers who died on Sunday were the first US military deaths in the Middle East from enemy fire since October 7, when Hamas attacked Israel, leading to a big Israeli response in Gaza. This raised tensions and violence in the region, bringing it closer to a major conflict.

Since mid-October, US and coalition troops have been attacked over 165 times in Iraq, Syria, and Jordan. They faced drones, rockets, and short-range missiles. Many of these attacks, claimed by groups linked to Iran, oppose US support for Israel and want American troops out of the region.

Yemen’s Huthi rebels, supported by Iran, started attacking international ships in November. This led to US and British air strikes to weaken their ability to target commercial vessels.

Two SEALs, part of the US military’s top-notch special forces, were pronounced dead after going missing at sea during a mission to capture Iranian weapons headed for the Huthis on a ship near Somalia’s coast.

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