Babil Khan condemns Poonam Pandey for fake death stunt: ‘Appalling’ way to raise cancer awareness.

Babil Khan, Ektaa Kapoor, Kangana Ranaut, Bipasha Basu, and others slammed Poonam Pandey’s recent stunt for attention.

Poonam Pandey’s team posted on Instagram that she had died, but later she said it was just for attention and to talk about cervical cancer. People, including celebrities, criticized her for using such a serious issue for publicity. Babil Khan, son of late actor Irrfan Khan, was especially upset, saying it’s wrong to fake death for awareness. He urged not to mess with cancer awareness, recalling his father’s battle with cancer.

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Babil Khan, the son of the late Irrfan Khan and an actor himself, expressed strong criticism towards Poonam Pandey in a recent Instagram post. He condemned the false claims surrounding her alleged demise, describing it as inappropriate and anger-inducing. Khan emphasized the importance of spreading awareness through genuine means rather than resorting to fabricated statements of death within society.

In addition, he stated, “To put it simply, this is the most inappropriate method to raise awareness about cancer, and I strongly sense malicious intent behind it. PLEASE, DO NOT UNDERMINE CANCER AWARENESS.” It’s worth noting that Irrfan Khan, Babil’s father, lost his battle with neuroendocrine cancer in 2020.

Various celebrities including Kangana Ranaut, Bipasha Basu, Tahira Kashyap, Mini Mathur, and Gulshan Devaiah expressed their disapproval on social media platforms.

Poonam Pandey posted multiple reels on Saturday, clarifying that she is in good health. She emphasized, “I am alive. I did not succumb to cervical cancer. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the countless women who have lost their lives due to this disease.”

In another video, she expressed, “I apologize to those I’ve offended. My aim? To jolt everyone into discussing a topic we’re neglecting: cervical cancer. Yes, I fabricated my death. It’s extreme, I admit. But now, we’re all discussing cervical cancer, aren’t we?”

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