Ayesha Takia has a message for those criticizing her appearance: “Get Over Me Yaar”

Ayesha Takia has appeared in several movies, such as “Taarzan: The Wonder Car,” “Salaam-E-Ishq,” and “Wanted.”

Ayesha Takia’s Response to Trolls

A recent public appearance by Ayesha Takia with her son Mikail at the Mumbai airport stirred up a buzz on Instagram. While some fans expressed anticipation for her comeback, others resorted to trolling, leaving insensitive comments about her appearance. Ayesha took to Instagram to address these criticisms, revealing that she had rushed to Goa due to a medical emergency in her family. Despite the challenging circumstances, she was stopped by paparazzi for a brief moment before flying off. She expressed disappointment at the focus on her looks rather than more pressing issues.

Uninterested in Comeback or Limelight

Asserting her disinterest in returning to the limelight or pursuing film projects, Ayesha emphasized her contentment with her current life. She urged detractors to move on and not invest energy in dissecting her appearance. Ayesha highlighted the unrealistic expectations placed on women, particularly in the entertainment industry, and encouraged people to find more meaningful ways to spend their time rather than criticizing others.

Sending Positive Energy

Concluding her message, Ayesha thanked her genuine supporters for their continuous love and positivity. She encouraged everyone to focus on happiness and fulfillment rather than spreading negativity. Ayesha reaffirmed her gratitude towards her fans and well-wishers, emphasizing the importance of love and kindness in a world often marred by judgment and criticism.

Here’s the video featuring Ayesha Takia accompanied by her son, Mikail.

Ayesha Takia has appeared in several films, such as “Taarzan: The Wonder Car,” “Salaam-E-Ishq,” and “Wanted.” Her most recent Bollywood role was in the 2011 film “Mod.” Following that, she hosted the singing reality show “Sur Kshetra” in 2012. However, she has been absent from the screen since then.

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