Audi Chennai Offers Assistance to Customers Affected by Cyclone Michaung.

Audi Chennai is closely monitoring the situation arising from Cyclone Michaung and is taking steps to assist its customers in the affected areas. The dealership has set up a dedicated helpline to provide assistance to customers who may have been impacted by the cyclone.

Audi Chennai Helpline

  • Phone: +91 44 4204 2100
  • Email: [email protected]

Audi Chennai Services Offered

Audi Chennai is offering a range of services to assist its customers, including:

  • Free car towing: Audi Chennai will tow your car to the dealership free of charge if it has been damaged by the cyclone.
  • Free car inspection: Audi Chennai will inspect your car for any damage caused by the cyclone and provide you with a free estimate for repairs.
  • Priority service: Audi Chennai will prioritize service for customers who have been affected by the cyclone.

Audi Chennai’s Commitment to Customer Care

Audi Chennai is committed to providing its customers with the best possible care, especially during difficult times. The dealership is working hard to ensure that its customers are safe and have access to the assistance they need.

Audi India’s Support for Cyclone Michaung Relief Efforts

Audi India is also providing support to relief efforts for Cyclone Michaung. The company has donated ₹1 crore to the Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund.

Audi India’s Commitment to Social Responsibility

Audi India is committed to social responsibility and is always looking for ways to support the communities in which it operates. The company’s support for cyclone Michaung relief efforts is just one example of its commitment to social responsibility.

Additional Information

For more information on Audi Chennai’s assistance to customers affected by Cyclone Michaung, please contact the dealership directly.

Audi Chennai Contact Information

  • Address: No 535, Anna Salai, Fanepet, Nandanam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600035, India
  • Phone: +91 44 4204 2100
  • Email: [email protected]

Audi India Contact Information


Audi Chennai is committed to providing its customers with the best possible service and support, especially during times of crisis. The dealership’s efforts to assist customers affected by Cyclone Michaung are a testament to its commitment to customer care and social responsibility.

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