Ankita Lokhande’s Savage Reply to Mannara Chopra’s Excitement Sparks Netizen Debate

Ankita Lokhande, a finalist on Bigg Boss 17, sparked controversy with her recent comments about fellow contestant Mannara Chopra’s exuberant reaction to placing 3rd in the competition. While some netizens sided with Lokhande, others accused her of jealousy.

Lokhande’s Blunt Response:

In an interview with Filmygyan, Lokhande acknowledged the frequent clashes between her and Chopra within the Bigg Boss house. When asked about Chopra’s jubilant celebration, Lokhande stated, “She has the right to be happy, she ‘won’ over Ankita.” This seemingly sarcastic remark ignited debate online.

Netizens Divided:

Many netizens condemned Lokhande’s statement, labeling it as “jealous” and “bitter.” Comments like “Let the poor girl be happy” and “Arrogance always brings downfall” flooded social media. However, some supported Lokhande, interpreting her comment as lighthearted humor.

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Past Tensions:

Prior to the finale, Lokhande and Chopra had several confrontations in the house, primarily stemming from disagreements over Lokhande’s husband’s interactions with Chopra. These altercations included arguments about facial features and personal space, further fueling the current online discourse.

Chopra’s “Win”:

Chopra’s decision to briefly label herself the “female winner” in her Instagram bio after the show also stirred controversy. While she later changed it to “Bigg Boss 17 runner-up,” many, including fellow contestant Munawar Faruqui, found the initial claim humorous and attention-seeking.


Lokhande’s remarks and Chopra’s brief bio change have ignited a heated debate surrounding jealousy, sportsmanship, and reality TV behavior. As Bigg Boss 17 fades from the spotlight, these lingering controversies continue to generate online buzz and highlight the complexities of navigating fame and competition in the public eye.

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