A robot’s response to work stress led to a tragic outcome—suicide! What happened next is truly shocking.

In a startling incident, a civil servant robot in South Korea allegedly ‘took its own life’ by falling down a staircase under unclear circumstances at Gumi City Council. Witnesses observed the robot hovering before its fall. Authorities are investigating, and residents are saddened by what appears to be the city’s first recorded instance of robot self-harm.

In a surprising development, a civil servant robot in South Korea reportedly ‘committed suicide’ by throwing itself down a staircase under mysterious circumstances. The Gumi City Council indicated that the robot malfunctioned and was found severely damaged in a stairwell between the building’s first and second floors, according to The Daily Mail.

Residents of Gumi City are mourning what is believed to be the first instance of robot suicide. Witnesses observed the robot hovering in place as if sensing something before the incident occurred. Authorities are currently investigating the precise cause of the fall. An official stated, “Fragments have been collected and will undergo analysis by the company.”

According to reports, the robot’s responsibilities included daily document deliveries, city promotion, and providing information to local residents. A Gumi City Council official described it as a valued member, emphasizing its diligent service. This marked the city’s first use of such technology, with the robot commencing its role in October 2023.

Following the incident, online speculation questioned whether the robot was overwhelmed by its workload. One individual pondered, “Would it have rushed down the stairs if it was too much?” The incident garnered significant local media attention, with comments reflecting both concern and sympathy. A comment on X platform highlighted the need for robots to have breaks, vacations, and benefits, even suggesting the formation of a union.

The robotic assistant, developed by California-based startup Bear Robotics, operated from 9 am to 4 pm and had the capability to independently navigate between floors, a feature uncommon in traditional robots confined to single floors. Despite the incident, there are currently no plans to replace the robot, as South Korea continues to integrate robots extensively into various sectors.

Previously, a security robot named Steve reportedly ‘committed suicide’ by falling into a water fountain in Washington DC. However, further investigation revealed that the accident was caused by the robot slipping on a loose brick surface, leading to its fall into the fountain from a height of four stories.

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